jeudi 7 août 2014

Nail art

I want to experience with my nails again. 

I tried to find some of my old photos to inspire me but I came up with these two that were already on FB.

The first nail art was inpired by a necklace    

 Material : - mint green polish
                - black polish
                - nude/ taupe polish
                - tape

Material: - orange polish
              - red polish

samedi 2 août 2014

A summer week with Q in Belgium

Q took a week off end of July, so we enjoyed spending time together. 

Some of our friends were on holiday so we didn't get to see them, but for the ones in Belgium we took the opportunity to party.

We went to see Standard de Liege play at home twice, once against Charleroi (3-0), and the second time against Panatinaikos (0-0) to qualify for the Champions League.

We also played a lot frisbee in the garden and in Laeken with M and B.

And all of this topped with food.

A perfect summer week with Q.

mardi 8 juillet 2014

Turkey - June 2014

Family holidays

I spent a relaxing week with my mum and dad. I had previously visited all the touristy attractions so this time I could focus on spending quality time with parents and cats.

I met the neighbour and her daughter with who we went to a lovely restaurant for breakfast. They have quite a few animals with their own funny stories. A cat named tripod (have a guess), an other cat who walked like an Egyptian because of an injection  and not because of his 3 storey high fall... Then Sunny, Bonny, and something something...

Mummy told me a story, when she was looking for a Turkish card for her phone and went into a store. The guy was explaining the different rates and started by saying that it was 3liras or € who cares not important for one horse. Mummy asked him a horse? And the guy confirmed, yes one horse for three liras. Luckily she made the connection with hours. I thought it was hilarious!

An other story on misunderstandings, we were at a restaurant "Ayla or Lale" the owner passed away last year and it was taken over by someone else. We enjoyed some mezzes as a starter and some music, at one point mummy wanted a paper napkin. We didn't have any on our table but the one just next to us had some. a young waiter (a teenager) was standing next to us so mummy asked for the paper napkin while pointing at it the waiter turned to the other table, where an English family was sitting but were facing away from us. The waiter took the handbag next to the napkins and turned to us. We all started to wave our hands saying "no!", "put it back" and he did without the family realising it. I laughed for 10 minutes, daddy smiled but was annoyed because he thought we confused the waiter by saying "cantal" bag, instead of "pecete" napkin. And the waiter just looked embarrassed.

Rana, Ayla and Emre came to visit too. I had a day alone in the Serenity villa while they all went to visit Calis beach and the new apartment. While I was alone I had some cuddles with Galiba (Turkish for "it seems so") the garden kitten.

JnY xxx

Going down Jenny's lane


Since everybody seems keen on leaving the country, I thought it was about time to start my blog so family and friends can still follow my exiting life.

Lets start by a happy video, only shared with a few privileged...

If the video doesn't reassure you on my sanity at least you'll see that I'm crazy happy.

JnY xxx