jeudi 7 août 2014

Nail art

I want to experience with my nails again. 

I tried to find some of my old photos to inspire me but I came up with these two that were already on FB.

The first nail art was inpired by a necklace    

 Material : - mint green polish
                - black polish
                - nude/ taupe polish
                - tape

Material: - orange polish
              - red polish

samedi 2 août 2014

A summer week with Q in Belgium

Q took a week off end of July, so we enjoyed spending time together. 

Some of our friends were on holiday so we didn't get to see them, but for the ones in Belgium we took the opportunity to party.

We went to see Standard de Liege play at home twice, once against Charleroi (3-0), and the second time against Panatinaikos (0-0) to qualify for the Champions League.

We also played a lot frisbee in the garden and in Laeken with M and B.

And all of this topped with food.

A perfect summer week with Q.